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2 Responses to “Cindy Crawford & Beyonce’s Un-Retouched Photos Leaked: Real Beauty Shown. How Does That Affect Us As Women & Your Thoughts?”


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  1. Twinpossible

    I feared this may possibly be true. Just saw on the news that the leaked photo of Crawford is FAKE :(. Guess Beyonce is real, but for the rest of the world admiring real beauty and imperfections on even a supermodel, Cindy might not be the one to admire for that one, as I guess she is still looking like she has defied time altogether. It’s sad to see people retouching photos to make people look perfect, and it is also sad to see people doing the opposite. We want to be able to believe what we see, and we just can’t anymore. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL LADIES…REMEMBER THIS. Dimples, wrinkles, bellies and all. Don’t let anybody with billions of dollars for trainers and chrfs and home gyms and dieticians, etc. etc. bring you down. And again, no matter who you are… NOBODY IS EVER 100% PERFECT! It doesn’t exist. Stop messing with our minds media and photoshop. Let’s talk about and show off true, real beauty ALWAYS! OK, stepping down off my soap box this morning.

  2. Cara

    I think when we say “every woman is beautiful” when in reality not all women are physically beautiful it still emphasizes that being beautiful is the most important thing to be. That being beautiful is the greatest thing a woman can be. That being beautiful is the highest compliment a woman can receive.

    Not all women are physically beautiful, but rather all women have value. All women deserved to loved. Isn’t a higher goal to say to a woman something like: you are priceless, you are loved, you are uniquely you and you are valuable just for that?

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