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2 Responses to “Christmas Traditions: What Are Yours? MERRY CHRISTMAS!”


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  1. I started my own tradition of sitting in front of our Christmas tree, turning on a cheesy made-for-tv-Christmas movie and wrapping all our presents while the kids are at school! It’s so fun!I really enjoy the quiet time!

  2. Twinpossible

    Not cheesy at all. I wish they had on more movies like they used to. There wasn’t much over here the last couple of years:( Every year as kids (i forgot to add this), we’d watch the March Of The Wooden Soilders, probobly 2 or 3 times, that one with the boy..’You’ll shooot your eye out’….Oh yeah, A Christamas Story. My personal fav was always The Christmas Carol. I love the bill murray one Scrooged. I love to LMAO, but nothing beats the old rendition. Some just can’t live up to the old one. I can’t remember his name because I didn’t see it on this year:( I’ll have to rent it while the tree is still up and pretend:) NO MORE WRAPPING THOUGH! My fingers have just changed back to their normal color again. 🙂 Now happy new year love. xoxo

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