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3 Responses to “Choosing Baby Names For Twins & Some Popular Selections! (Top 2009 Baby Names For Twins Included)”


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  1. My girls are Elizabeth and Emily, which made the list. Of course they were born January of 2010 so the list was not out yet, but in our relatively small city there is another set of Elizabeth and Emily twins (same birth order even) born in the same hospital, that are just 5 months younger than my girls! Too funny!

  2. Twinpossible

    Those are beautiful names:) It’s no wonder why they made the list! Congrats. Your babes are only 2 months ahead of mine. Crazy how fast they change and grow hey? Enjoy them. They are work yes, but tons of fun! Wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

    That IS quite an ironic story to. Thanks for commenting!

    xoxo Shelly

  3. since i know i am not ever going to get you down here to the south i am going to beg my husband and pray that one day i can get up there to you for iagmes of my own kids like this . seriously all of the little details the feet, thumb sucking, sisterly love. those little details are the things i am going to miss the most about my children when they have grown. you are a master at the little details steph.

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