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  1. Lora

    I hope my situation is the same as urs. I had vanishing twin with my first pregnancy but didn’t find out till delivery. Well this time is different I had an ultrasound at exactly 10wks…showed both my babies clear as day. Now fast forward a week and I didn’t tell the sono tech like u cuz I wanted her to be suprised. Well i was suprised cuz she only saw one. I was too depressed and she was doubting my sincerity that I had been diagnosed with twins! I showed her the pic and she said yes that is two. Hmmm that’s strange and then walks away. I was sent home and they said everything is fine. Really?!? How is it fine? U can’t find one of my babies. And vanishing twins don’t vanish thay fast! That’s a lot of body parts to disappear in one week!!! The whole baby and sac? I believe they r identical. I was hoping at the second ultrasound I would find out but then she didn’t even find the 2nd to tell me the answer. So I hope they find it next go around.

  2. Twinpossible

    WOW!!! 10 WEEKS? I can’t believe that she wouldn’t go in for another look. Is it that hard? I really don’t understand how people can be dismissed so easily. I’m so sorry she left you in this position. I remember it well. What is your heart telling you? Logic is telling me that at 10 weeks it would be awful hard (like you said) for the twin to vanish in one weeks’ time, sac and all, especially with both being formed and not one really small sac and no baby inside like I had with my true vanished twin, and like I have said before, even THAT sac was seen on the ultrasound for weeks and weeks until the other baby got big and it had to vanish. My antenas are also up on your situation. How long are you going to have to wait? Any chance on a ultrasound somewhere, anywhere to calm your nerves and fears right now? I know that it was soo unnerving to wait, I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t feel bad feigning some cramps to get that ultrasound, and low and behold…2 there were clear as day. Unreal!!! And identicals can be more tricky, eventhough my doc was trying to say that even my fraternal must have been hiding away at a future visit with him. I really hope you get positive news really soon. It is hard to imagine, and I am glad you came across my story for some hope because there is some! PLEASE do keep me posted and GOOD LUCK!!!! XOXO

  3. diana gaddis

    wow, thats amazing. i was told that i was having identical twins at 9 weeks and then at 12 weeks they told me that one twin vanished, only to find out the following week they were both there and they are now 24yrs old. one of my twin is pregnant right now with her second pregnancy and at 4.5 weeks they saw 2 sacs so they said twins. we were all so excited. but she also said a little white lie cause she also wanted another US and went thru the ER and the tech told her she only saw one baby, not signs of twins at all. well yesterday she went to her OB appt and they told her she was 6.4 weeks, they saw the second sac that was smaller and was diagnosed with vanishing twins. the doctor told her the other baby’s heart beat is 150 at only 6weeks and 4 days. we are all devastated because she is an identical twin and was told she was pregnant with fraternal twins and now vanishing twins. I can only pray that the samething happens to her and next appt. they see the second twin doing well. thank you for sharing your story it gave me hope. God Bless!

  4. B

    So my story is even a bit more crazy…went in for a 13 week ultrasound to clearly see 2 babies(last Wed)but the tech swears she saw a third!AsI am advanced maternal age (and no fertility drugs) was then scheduled with a doctor immediately and had a second scan that Friday, where myself, my husband, and two new doctors confirmed 2 babies in two separate sacs. The docs then sent me to the hospital Saturday (24 hours later) to ensure there are 2 (and possibly not 3) and the tech there says, “I’m not sure what they are doing over there, but you only have one baby.” She didn’t take a second look, she handed me a picture of the one, and asked me “if there was any chance they had charted a multiple pregnancy in my chart in error.” It’s now Monday and I am anxiously awaiting a call from my OB doc office. How could we ALL have seen clearly 2 babies in the office and within 24 hours one literally vanished?? I want to go back in TODAY and get this cleared up! Seeing your story (and the photos of the scans) helped my brain to slow down a bit. I felt compelled to share! I will let you know once we have some kind of conclusion to this crazy story!!

  5. Kimberly N.

    I am currently 18w5d pregnant. I have had 3 ultrasounds showing one baby, a boy. About a week and a half ago, my husband and I found a second heart beat. My son stays to the right of my belly button, the other heartbeat is all the way to the left. Both are 150-160 and sound different. Every now and then you can hear one echo the other. I’ve also started feeling 2 “lumps”, one on the left, one on the right (my son). I called my OB and the nurse brushed it off saying I heardy heartbeat…my heart rate isn’t 150bpm…I hear my heartbeat every time I check. The nurse said I had to wait almost 3 weeks for my next ultrasound. I don’t appre being brushed off or ignored when I have a concern about my pregnancy. The other ultrasounds I’ve had, once they found my son (to the right of my belly button) they never looked anywhere else…I’m about 99.9% sure there are 2 babies and really don’t want to wait 2 weeks to find out for sure…

  6. Stefanie

    I have three year old identical twins. I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I had an early ultrasound at 5 weeks 4 days. My gut is telling me I am carrying another set of twins, which I know is extremely rare. However there was only one baby on the ultrasound. The tech told me it can be one of three things 1) there is (or will be) another baby 2) I will miscarry 3) it’ll be fine at next ultrasound. I find it hard/weird to believe that the heart rate has anything to do with a possible twin. I’m counting on NOT miscarrying though I know anything can happen. My next scan is 8 weeks 4 days. It’s going to be a long two weeks/holidays for us! God bless you & your twins. They are a fabulous blessing!

  7. Sugarwalls

    Well here is my dimise! I had an IVF procedure. The physician transferred what he called excellent 2x 2 5day embryos) 5days blastocysts. One was almost completely out of the halo shell and the other was only just beginning to look like it was starting to come out of the shell. I got a positive hpt at 4 days post transfer which everyone says they get a negative at that time. So three days later I had the doctor confirm with an hcg=74. 2 days later it did a little more than double to hcg=188. Then 4days went by. So in counting I should’ve been around 600 if it’s doubling but mine was actually hcg=958. Two more days later my hcg=1924. That same day I had a sonogram at my ob’s office by a young doctor only doing obstetrics for 10yr she stated. Well she said she saw only one sac and even that sac was pretty small. I didn’t tell her that my doctor transferred back two Embryo’s but she herself said it was extremely early about 5wks whatever that about meant. Lol Anyway, it really has put a damper on allllll of my hopes to have twins. I really feel sad but happy that hopefully I even have just one and a lil disappointed that we don’t have twins. So where’s the other blastocysts if I only have one sac visible?

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi there. The high beta numbers could indicate twins still, or it could in fact turn out to be one sticky bean, but at 5 weeks it is still quite early to tell this. Many women don’t see a second sac by then. It can be too small to show up on U/S, as implantation dates can be different. My second sac wasn’t apparent the first time I fell preggo with twins at my 1st u/s. A week later BOOM. You can search this, as it does happen. No matter what happens BIG congrats on your successful pregnancy. Definitely a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays! Best wishes to you and your baby to be (or babies to be).


  9. Sarah cleveland

    Hi, I’m feeling so confused also. Went to Dr after 3 positive home pregnancies test that I took before cycle was due. Dr. checked cervic and said my lining was very thick, so they took u/s and said were not sure if your pregnant or not, let’s do blood work. She called and said your definitely pregnant! My HCG numbers were a little over 3000. She said wait 4 weeks and come back for another u/s. U/S said 8weeks and 4 days so the first time I was there I was 4weeks and 4 days, they only saw one baby. I’ve had a feeling for a long time that I’m carrying twins. The two appointments that the Dr. Listened to the heartbeats the baby was high up by my bellybutton and when I listened at home I could only hear the heartbeat down low above my pubic bone. She I got around 16 weeks, I decided to listen at both places and found two different heartbeats. One is 138 and the other is 128. I found them both three different times but only once could I hear them good enough to get a good reading. I’m really confused and my next Dr. Appointment is on Jan. 21 st. I’m in my 30s with 4 children. I’m a little over weight and was taking a lot of vitamins before I got pregnant. All of my pregnancies have had symptoms the same except this one! I’ve been extra sick, extremely tired, pains in my groin and lower abdomen (can’t hardly walk especially if I’ve been on my feet any)feel better sitting or lying down. Does any of this makes since to any of you ladies? Should I go to the ER and ask for an U/S? I went to the Dr. A week ago and she put me on antibiotic for UTI, which is the first I’ve ever had. But I’m off the me dine and still having pain. Thanks, Sarah

  10. michelle

    I missed carried both of my vanishing twins I’m I the only one..

  11. Kendall

    I am so thankful to find this blog. I’m going out on a limb but is there anyway you could take a look at my ultrasound picture?? I swear it’s a vanishing twin but want someone who has seen it before to look. I know you’re not a professional 🙂 but a mom that can help another mom out. Thank you!! Please email me and I can send it. I appreciate your help.

  12. Amj

    I had a vaginal ultrasound and the told me I have one baby in 13 weeks while I excpect it is 8 weeks or less? I was shocked about the dating!!
    Do you think that there is any chance that I am having twins but they missed one??

  13. Kristen

    So i went in for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. The whole time the tech was telling me she saw one baby and the baby was healthy and with a good heartbeat. About a week later my OB called me to tell me the radiologist said i was pregnant with Twins and they were rare mono mono twins (same sac same placenta) SO my OB doing her job, immediately sent me to a high definition ultrasound with a high risk OB who did another ultrasound, I was 8 weeks at this time, And she told me she doesnt know what he saw, she only sees one baby, who is healthy and the correct gestation. From what my OB told me if they were mono mono twins, if one goes,t he other is likely to follow. I am so confused because nothing in this sotry adds up and i just dont feel comforted by the 8 week ultrasound. My insurance doesnt cover 1st trimester screen ( which would be my 12-13 week ultrasound) So im stuck waiting until 20 weeks confused on what is happening to me, or if there really was a mistake.

  14. Jenjen23

    You said shadowing is more likely to happen in identical twins.. But your twins are fraternal correct? I have fraternal twins myself with them I always had a tummy ultrasound. I’m pregnant with my fourth and I’ve experienced bleeding they told me I was hemorrhaging outside of my pregnancy, and I’ve had two vaginal ultrasounds. Yesterday I can swear I felt the baby rolling around and my husband made a joke about it being twins again couldn’t it be possible to not see a twin if they are fraternal again? What if my other baby is on top and not down below?

  15. Twinpossible

    My doctor missed a fraternal twin on ultrasound, so anything is humanly possible, though it definitely IS easier to miss an identical twin. I’m not sure what point you are at in your pregnancy. That definitely would make a difference. If you are very early on it is more possible than as the pregnancy progresses, of course. Ultrasound has come a long way since I had my 1st two kids, but like I said, only 5 years ago my own doctor thought I only had one baby and then the second magically appeared again. I felt in my gut that he was wrong. I was I think 8.5 weeks along or so. After the 1st trimester most especially with technology as it is today and a competent doctor, I would feel quite secure that I only had one baby in my belly :). Good luck!! xoxo

  16. tanya

    My only concern for twins is the old wives tale of the ring hanging over my stomach. It swings in circles at the bottom left of my belly. And it swings back and forth at the upper right side of my bellg. So I placed it above my risk: it swung in a circle then stopped and began to swing back and forth. My baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks was 198. I see one baby. But to the left corner of my ultra sound there is a small circle there. Twins are in both my family and the father’s family. So I’m not really sure of what to think. Any advice please

  17. Jaclyn

    I had some very minor red blood mixed with discharge only after using the bathroom a few times around five weeks. My dr did blood work and asked that I have a vaginal ultrasound which happened at about 6 weeks and a few days. It was done via radiology so the tech couldn’t tell me anything during the ultrasound. There were two babies with heartbeats in the same sac. One measured 6weeks and 3days with a heartbeat of 115 while the other measured 5weeks and 5 days with a heartbeat of 104. I read the report after the fact to confirm what I saw and it was indeed twins. I was shocked, worried and excited all at the same time. The report said heartbeats were kind of low but the nurse just said everything looked good but it was early. After telling my family and starting to think about what my life would look like with twins my husband and I went in for another scan this past Wednesday at 8weeks and two days. Baby A was very clear and Baby B, the smaller one, no longer had a heartbeat and measured about 6weeks and two days. I had no knowledge of vanishing twin syndrome so I was and still am completely devastated. My mind has been all of the place of course and I keep saying well maybe they missed seeing twin number two?! But the other side of me is saying stop wishful thinking. The second ultrasound was also vaginal and she was digging that wand around looking for baby two but no luck other than a spot toward the top of the sac where it was last time in the other ultrasound. It was very painful when she did that but I know she wanted to find it. I am so grateful baby A is doing wonderful but my heart is also heavy that I saw baby B’s heartbeat and saw that he or she did indeed have life. I now worry about baby A’s well being and pray it continues to grow to a healthy baby boy or girl. I’m so glad I found this site. It has helped me as I look for comfort. 🙂

  18. Jorene

    Is it possible that the parents never knew they were having twins at all so when one of them ‘vanished’ they never noticed it either?

    I’m asking this as I have a lingering gut feeling that I may be a womb twin survivor but my parents both deny it so….

  19. christian

    I went in for a check up with my dr early in my pregnancy to see if I could be given a rx for morning sickness relief. I have three other children and at no point thru the previous pregnancies did I ever feel as bad as I do this time.the dr decided to do an ultrasound just to “check things out”. Turns out that the reason I felt so sick was because I was having twins. Fast forward 1 week later maybe a week and a half. I returned to my dr to see if we could maybe try a different rx since what was given to me before seemed to give to relief. Another ultrasound was done and this time the provider I was with said he saw only one baby. I told him that less then two weeks ago I was told twins saw their little hearts beating and everything. The dr was happy to find another provider to help with the ultrasound and sure enough she walked in did her thing and boom two babies to heartbeats again. I was so relieved……until the next day when my 9 week ultrasound appt was scheduled. I went to the appt at 0745 and again was told one baby. One baby chance there was ever two in there? How does this happen? Such a heartbreak and a sadness.

  20. I had ultrasound at 5w 3d and was told I’m having twins but it was to early for hb but definitely 2 babies as they noted flesh inside both sacs.
    I was told to repeat scan in 2-3wks.
    Second scan today with same lady that did the last one, told me only one baby and hb. No sign of second baby or the sac and i haven’t bleed i have been extra sick extra sore boobs and my hcg went from 12000 to 51000 in 7day’s is this true having a vanished twin? Or could twin be hiding? Please help me understand how one can vanish without bleeding and should the hcg drop now as I am 7wks 3day’s I still believe and hope they will have 2 babies in next scan

  21. tricia

    my first ultrasound was at 22 weeks 4days and the doctor said they twins.he first saw one and as he moving around my tummy saw anither heartbeat at a different position.the nurse doctor my husband and I saw the two heartbeats.he then took 2 pictures showing the different position of each 23 weeks I went for my check up at the local clinic and the nurses were so confused coz I measured more.they thot I missed my dates.i told then about the 1st ultrasound and they referred me to the hospital for another scan which said one baby.the OB was in such a hurry that even as I told her to check further more to get the other heartbeat she simply said you only have 1 baby.

    they did not even bother to look at the pictures showing the positions of the two.instead they have booked me for another ultrasound on the 19th of January. could I be carrying 2 or its only one.

  22. chrystal m.

    I was sent to have one because I was measuring 6+weeks ahead on my fundal height…my ob thought it was suspicious. My lmAp said I would’ve been 9 weeks 2 days on the day of the u/s.The tech did a stomach u/s, she refused to do a vaginal one, and measures my one baby to be 8 weeks and 2 days. I asked why I was measuring so large and she shrugged her shoulders and sent me on my way. I’m now 10 weeks 5 days and I haven’t seen my ob since my u/s. My ob actually quit,so now I have to find a new one. My fundal height is now almost at my belly button. I have severe fatigue, nausea, the whole nine yards…this is my 9th pregnancy and I have 7 children only one miscarriage . I’m 33. And I have NEVER experienced anything like this ever. I’m looking for probability answers I I having twins?

  23. Wendy

    I am currently pregnant with my 5th child. While twins run in my family, this pregnancy was done with IVF. My fertility doctor only wanted to put 1 or 2 5 day embryos in because I am very fertile (my tubes are blocked from surgery hence the reason for Ivf). I had him put in 3. I have been nauseous 24/7 and it started on day 4 after the transfer. I am currently 10.2 weeks pregnant and the nausea is not slowing down at all! I can barely get out of bed. I had a vaginal ultrasound at 7.6 weeks and again at 9.6 weeks both showed 1 baby although the tech who did the scan would never move the probe from the baby to look for more even though I asked both times. I feel like I’m going crazy. I am the size I was at 5 months pregnant with my last 4 children and I have lost 25 lbs. I’m 5’7 and currently weigh 149 lbs. I know for the fertility doctor that they are worried about finding a heartbeat and adding another successful pregnancy on their resume but is it possible that another baby was missed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know to know for sure I will need another ultrasound in a couple weeks from a different doctor but I need to know that I’m not crazy.

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