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3 Responses to “Bathing Twins Safely Through Different Stages: Newborn, Infants, & Toddlers.”


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  1. I”m a new follower of your blog from the blog hop. I very much enjoyed reading your post. While I only have one little one, I loved reading about the pink Aquababy bath ring as well as the bath thermometer. Both sound like just what we need for our daughter. I would love if you stopped by my blog sometime Adventures in Abbyland

  2. Erica

    I think I may get one of those bath ring seats when my daughter gets older! Thanks for the info.

    Following you from Give It To Me Monday. You can find me at

  3. Twinpossible

    Thanks for your comment. I love comments!! I will be sure to return the favor, of course. Right now actually! little one. Things seem so simple then, but then again, when it’s what you are used to, it really isn’t so simple, but throw in some multiples, and WHOA MAMA, lol. Like a woman told me in Target today though. The Lord doesn’t give you ANYTHING you can’t handle. When I was preggo, I thought him wrong, but now, I’m back on his side again, lol.

    Will definitely be over:) Again thanks for sharin some love!

    xoxo Shelly

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