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4 Responses to “Baby Toys That Are A Hit, And Toys That Are A Miss! 1st Edition. (0-12 mo.)”


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  1. Good list! I like seeing the alternatives to the ones that were so-so. Another good toy that’s similar to the glow worm is the Fischer Price Ocean Wonders Seahorse which you can see here:

    My little girl got it for Christmas (I think?) and I didn’t think she’d care about it too much but it goes to bed with her every night! And if they want to hear more, they just push the tummy or hug it.

    I may have to write a post like this sometime too!

  2. I saw those glow worms in teh store the other day and I was so happy to find out they’ve starting bringing that back I used to LOVE my glow worm!!

  3. Twinpossible

    I used to love it to, when I was older then them though. Their aunt bought them one each at like 2 months old. No baby is holding a glow worm then:) I wish the music and lights would last longer is all. It is adorable though. Makes me feel not so old, it being around. HA!

  4. Twinpossible

    Yeah, I saw the ocean seahorse when I was surfing Amazin, but I don’t own it. I only try and talk about something I KNOW about, but it looks VERY cute. Do the lights and music last longer then a few seconds? Is it light-weight to hold? thanks for stopping by my friend. Coming over to show some love now! xoxo Shelly

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