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5 Responses to “Are People Really This Rude?”


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  1. My girl twins are almost always in dresses, in pink caresses with a pink cover and are always called boys….and people always called my boys girls. I still don’t get it!

  2. Wow! You know, people never cease to amaze me with their lack of tact. You never discuss someone’s payment/lack of payment in front of other patrons. You never make such horrid comments to a perfect stranger regarding CHILDREN! If she thinks her grandchildren are that bad, I’d say it’s a reflection on her and her daughter… not their gender. You definitely took the high road by not setting her straight right there. You obviously have had some raising (as we say in the south!) Thanks for blogging about this, it gave me a little chuckle on this rainy morning! Have a wonderful day and hug those babies!

  3. Twinpossible

    I can appreciate this. People used to think my boys were girls to, because they were sp purdy:) Long lashes, big eyes, but I didn’t get it nearly as much as I’m getting it now though. To me it’s even more obvious…PINK! Girls can wear green and blue, but boys, well, I never have seen them in pink.

    One day the twins were in dresses and matching hats with bow clips in front, and some lady says, ‘Which one is the boy and which is the girl?’ I said, ‘I would have some serious phsycological issues, if one of them were a boy.’ lol.

    I really do NOT get it myself. I’m surprised some people can even turn the ignition on to drive home, after such moronic comments:)


  4. Twinpossible

    Yeah, I thought my parents were bad in the ‘I don’t help out much, don’t see much, or care all that much about my grand children’, but I think this lady still took the cake.

    She had sutures covered with transparent medical tape above her lip, and it was easy to see, so I was wondering, who punched this lady out, causing this, because that had to be what happened, with a mouth like hers.

    You are so right, these are CHILDREN, whether boys or girls. There is no better or worse sex, and every individual child is just that….an individual. I hate sterotypes, and am very glad I have been blessed with both pink and blue. I feel lucky to be able to experience both sides of the coin, and I agree, it is totally the parenting, and not the child’s gender.

    About the payment thing. (Grrr…still reeling.) I found the reciept a few minutes ago, and my husband says I should thow it in her face, and make a bit of a fuss for all to hear, so everybody knows, and I don’t feel bad. I guess also so I get some ‘revenge’ out of the situation. I’m a normally very peaceful person, so I’m unsure what I should do, or will do at that moment, but it was very wrong of her. You are right. We shall see!

    Thanks for reading my dear, and you are more then welcome for the chuckle:)

  5. People always think my girls are boys becuase they are bald. And I feel you on the rude people. When my twins were 4 months old and my oldest was 2, I was at WalMart. This woman felt the need to come up to me and tell me that I should worry more about my carbon footprint than my selfish need to have children. I was speechless while she went on and on about how women need to fullfill their own needs and not look to children to fill them. I finally told her she needed to worry about my size 9 footprint and leave me alone. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with a comback while I was in total shock.

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