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4 Responses to “April Is Multiples Month: Come & Answer Some Questions About YOUR Twins, Triplets Etc.”


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  1. I have my whole story on my blog @ but….
    1) I said …”OOOOH SHIT”
    2) I was 22
    3) I was 34wks on the dot
    4) They were 4lbs 8oz each
    5) We went with A&B it wasn’t until a NICU nurse asked if we did that on purpose that we realized they had been A&B for their whole lives lol
    6) We have identical boys…lol VERY identical 😉
    7) That they do EVERYTHING at the same time, argue.. fight.. cry etc, makes it very overwhelming…double smiles and double love
    8 ) We have no comparison so this is just normal to us
    9) We coordinate, but they are two different people 🙂
    10)I had an emergency C-sec. but with modi risks and both being breech we had planned for it.
    11)don’t even get me started…..labor 28wks and all a challenge from then until delivery 🙁

  2. Amanda

    1) I cried. Before we went in to do first ultrasound the doctor looked at my bloodwork and said my numbers were low and he thought we lost the baby. Then ultrasound revealed 2. Hubby laughed. *Needless to say we change doctors fast!
    2) I was 22 when I gave birth.
    3) 31 weeks 4 days
    4) both babies weighed 3 lbs 9 oz
    5) we gave them completely different names (Genesis & Isabella)
    6) I have identical twin girls
    7) A. The hardest part for me was the first few months feeding and changing 2 babies constantly.
    B. The best part is everything. I love every minute of playtime and just watching them interact with each other and seeing how similar and different they are at the same time.
    8) I think it is actually easier than I thought it would be.
    9) I have always dressed them alike because it looks cute and so maybe people will stop asking if they are twins (which they never stop asking anyways)
    10) Babies were c-section because they were very premature and it wasn’t planned. But both babies were head down and could have had vaginal birth.
    11) I had horrible nausea and vomiting most of the pregnancy and low hemoglobin which went back to normal after birth.
    12) relax, take a breath and step away when you get frustrated. 2 babies at once is a huge task. nap as often as possible and ignore the housework. it is better to be rested than have a super clean house. and get babies on the same schedule. And most important: NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!!

  3. Ashley

    1. We were shocked and excited! I had a feeling it was going to be twins because I was already starting to show by 6 weeks and I also had a dream we were having twins, but my husband was completely in shock. When we went into the dr for my 8 week appointment I asked how much of a chance was there of us having twins because I had been on Clomid when we conceived. He said the chances might go up maybe 15% but we shouldn’t really worry about it. He then took us into the ultrasound room and started scanning. After a couple minutes he stopped and looked at us and said “well I take that back. There is a 100% chance you are having twins!” My husband made him show us the two separate little beans four times before he finally believed it!

    2. I was 24 years old

    3. I made it to 38 weeks 2 days

    4. My boy was 6 lbs 6 oz and my girl was 6 lbs 3 oz

    5. We didn’t really coordinate names, just found two we liked. Ellika Mae for our girl and Kaleb Ryan for our boy. It wasn’t til later that we noticed all three of our kids have K’s in their names. Our oldest is Kayden.

    6. We have fraternal boy/girl twins.

    7. Hardest thing was trying to figure out how to feed two babies at once with a 3 yr old running around. Best thing about twins is seeing them interact with each other. My two are constantly holding hands. Double the giggles and snuggles is great too!

    8. It’s definitely easier than I expected. I was so nervous and scared throughout my pregnancy that once they were actually here I just enjoyed them and figured out the best way to do everything. I think we are kind of programmed to be good moms. The first couple months were the hardest because of lack of sleep but once they started sleeping through the night at 3 months things have gotten so good and we have a great routine that makes it easy.

  4. Tiffany

    1. I had an inkling b/c my beta’s (blood tests) were so high. Hubby was less than thrilled.
    2. I was 28
    3. I was induced. @ 38 weeks. They were confy and O have no doubt they’d have stayed put indefinitely longer
    4. 5lb, 14oz & 6lb, 8oz
    5. Hubby and I each picked a first name for one and middle name for other. Fairest way.
    6. Fraternal twin girls
    7a. Trying to give then individual attention, trying to keep them from fighting. Not being able to really enjoy their baby stage; it was simply too busy.
    7b. They always have a playmate.
    8. I don’t know anything else…it has it’s ups and downs.
    9. I dressed them alike the first two years, then bought them coordinating outfits (whether they chose/choose to wear them at the same time is hour or miss).
    10. Vaginal. 3 hours pushing A; had to use vacuum/forceps. I tore. Baby B was out in like 30 seconds flat and she was the bigger if the two.
    11. Nope. I had the dream pregnancy. Seriously.
    12. Roll w the punches. Don’t stress any more thean you have to.

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