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One Response to “Another Massive Crib Recall Today. June 24th, 2010”


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  1. Febri

    Jenni,Thank you for your post. I couldn’t agree more with your stnaemett and thanks for adding the link to Dr. Sears SLEEPING SAFELY WITH YOUR BABY. The chest cold and switch to formula feeding are factors that are overlooked.I lost my nephew to SIDS. He slept alone in his room, in his crib and was not breastfed.Most babies in the world are breastfed and co-sleep at least with thier mothers and yet the U.S. ranks 12 our of 13 (in industrialized countries) in SIDS deaths Whereas the Netherlands ranks lowest where midwifery maternity care, breastfeeding and co-sleeping is common.Let’s use some common sense and start demanding the type of maternal/infant care that is practiced in the countries that are the safest for mothers and babies.

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