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2 Responses to “All About Twin Life At 9 Months Old!”


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  1. Iolanda

    Hi there,

    I have also 9 months old twins (or to be precise they are 8 months and one week old as they were Born at 37 weeks).
    Regarding the sleep Situation they definitely Need to sleep 2 hours per day. Morning a small nap that can even be 30minutes and between 1 and 4 he second at least one hour. Otherwise they are hyperactive and cranky. Get yourself the Baby sleep solution book by Susan Giordano. It made our lives much easier. Every Baby Needs a schedule and twins even more. Plus you have older children. It s tough in the beginning but if u re persistent it will work out.
    Happy Holidays and all the best for you all!

  2. Rahel

    Hi there.. I have twin son’s born on 9th March 15,…M in the same crazy situation…M use to sleeplessness now by the jealousy part is driving me crazy…wen they ‘re playing together or on walkers…they play…but when I appear they start crying n try to hang on me. I don’t kno how to manage this…they’re always after me…plus write more about feeding at this stage n sleep mgmt

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