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9 Responses to “Accommodative Esotropia: A Mother’s Heart Is Broken :( Annie’s Story!”


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  1. Jenn

    Shelly, I came across your blog as I searched “Accommodative Esotropia”. 2:00am and I am desperately trying to find a mother’s post which says “glasses cured my toddler in less than a month”. No such luck. My 3 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed today. I am devastated that she has to wear glasses. Cried for days before her appointment, now crying harder. It is so bittersweet. There are parents out there that would give their arm to have our diagnosis, and while words can not describe how grateful I am that she doesn’t have an underlying issue, I begin crying again about the glasses. Like you, I can not imagine her beautiful face changed by glasses. I was told by the pediatric opthamologist that when she removes her glasses, her eyes will appear very crossed! How can this be the right choice? Only her right eye turns inwards, and it only happens when she is focusing on a close objects. Of course I want another opinion! He must be wrong?! But, deep down..a small piece of me agrees with him. I am at a loss. Her glasses will be in next week. I do not want next week to come quickly, I just want to stare at her non-glasses face for a little longer 🙁

    I am very curious to know how Annie is doing? Has she gotten her glasses yet? And how are you doing?

    I wanted to reach out and let you know you aren’t alone. When I read your story…I read exactly how I am feeling!

    Please keep me posted! We will look back in less than a year and their Esotropia will be gone!! I will keep telling myself that!


  2. Teneale

    have just came across this blog and my goodness i could have written , in the last few day my 3.5 yr old son has been diagnosis with ” accomadative estropia. i am truly devastated- Jenn you have somed up how i am feeling pretty well along with my thoughts. i wish i could turn back 3 wks ago before i noticed his eye crossing.
    am also curious as to how Annie is doing? How did she go with her glasses.
    i keep hoping to wake up and to find this is just a dream and everything will be fine tomorrow.

  3. Christy

    I completely understand the shock when finding this out about your child, but have to admit , I am surprised at the reactions I have read and hope that this can encourage you all! 3 of my 4 children have accommodative esotropia. I have 20/20 vision and no history of this in my family or my husbands so when we discovered it I was truly worried and the unknown was scary. BUT…I have learned so much over the years and while I was upset about them having glasses, I wonder if you all realize the seriousness of the alternative. What a complete and ABSOLUTE blessing it is that medicine has advanced the way that it has! The brain controls our eyes and the glasses in children with accommodative esotropia help their brain to “reroute” in a sense so that they do not fully lose vision in their weaker eye. (or see double and lose depth perception completely) If this remains untreated, loss of vision is guaranteed eventually…. This …to me …is nothing short of a miracle and I am so grateful that in all 3 of them, this was caught early enough to correct. Early intervention is KEY with this and it is correctable….And truly…children with accommodative esotropia learn VERY QUICKLY how helpful the glasses are to them. At one year old, my son was keeping them on after a few reminders. He is now 8 and to this day does not take them off except to swim and sleep. My now 13 year old who had the most severe case is in contacts and so excited about it. There are adorable glasses out there and while it may change your child’s look, please be grateful that it wont only change that but give them a chance in the future for corrected vision…..something that not all children have the opportunity to have. As a mother who has been and is going through this, I hope I have not offended you but encourage you to change your way of thinking and be grateful ….this is NOT life changing….and the glasses are temporary in almost all cases of AE. I wish you all the best.

  4. Twinpossible

    Thank you Christy. WOW..what an amazing comment. I think this will help strengthen a lot of moms who like you said…’fear the unknown.’ Plus, draw inspiration from the fact that you have been there 3 times before and seem extremely knowledgable about the topic. I appreciate that. It’s NOT AT ALL offensive. It’s nice to hear the facts and know the truth, and to also NOT feel alone. I find you to be an amazing woman with wonderful children.

    I wrote this post some months ago. We are still having a lot of trouble keeping her glasses on though we fight that good fight every day. She’s, for two, fairly mature about it. She will ask for them in the mornings, but doesn’t want them to stay on for very extended periods of time. She’s been saying, ”I don’t see good” while taking them off which alarms me. I’m wondering if the prescriptio could be wrong? I’m fearful that her not keepig them on religiously is going to lead to problems. My mother in law seems oblivious. She’s 88 though. ”It’ll correct itself.” I do not believe her, but she knows nothing about the subject. I can’t really blame her there.

    I have to make another eye appointment for next week. I hope we can get her to keep them on more, and you are correct…thank God they do have the technology. My mother in law has macular degeneration (Spelling??) Something like that. It was never caught many years ago and now she is mostly blind in one eye and sees mostly shadows in the other. It’s sad. Today she would have been treated. There are much worse things than glasses. It’s great to see how wonderful things have been for your own kids. Yes..there are contacts down the line, great to point out. And now suddenly I have been noticing more and more children in glasses. It’s like when I was pregnant with twins and felt like the only one in the world with two buns in my oven. I felt so alone. Now that I have twins….wall to wall twins EVERYWHERE! Amazing how we open up our perceptions.

    God bless you. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  5. Kelly

    Thank you for this post, and thank you all for the comments; it’s really helpful. My son was diagnosed in January with AE, and is now in glasses. He will be 2.5 in March, and I thought there would be NO way he would wear his glasses, but he has done amazingly with them! It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone in our worry and anxiety about our children, but hey…that’s what makes us MOMS! 🙂

  6. Glenda

    I’m so glad I found this site. My Son was diagnosed with AE when he was about 2 1/2 years old, he got his glasses a couple months before he turned 3 years old. I was devastated at first as well, I couldn’t imagine my little boy, almost a baby wearing glasses. I thought “why my child”. I never heard of this until my child was diagonosed. He seemed too young to wear glasses, and then they give them bifocals which we usually think is only for older people, which makes you feel even more bad. But he got his glasses and he wore them all the time, never had a problem with him, the doctor told me to make it part of his dres, as soon as he woke to put on his clothes and then his glasses and thats what I done, and I never had a problem. I’m glad its not serious and he can see really well, but stil deep down I wish he didn’t have to wear glasses, but I don’t feel so bad anymore. He is 7 years old now and still wears them, but the great thing is, as soon as he wore the glasses the turn goes away, he didn’t have to get surgery, which would have freaked me out more. I was glad to see the comment the lady put there who had 3 kids with AE. Thanks so much, gave me more hope that he will get better. But even so, i’m just glad that is eyes is perfect straight with his glasses. Just wondering, did your kids have to have the bifocals that you could see with the line? The second pair my son got, he had to get the line. But he did fine with it, didn’t mind wearing them at all, kids are amazing. Anyway for those that have to face this, you are not alone and there is hope. 🙂

  7. Arshad

    Hi. My 2.6 years old daughter has been dianosed with AE.I am also devastated and depressed. She has been advised bifocal glasses. I wonder why there isn’t permanent cure for this with so much development in science and technology.

    Has anybody been 100% cured? Hope someone comes up 100% for Accomadative Esotropia

  8. Kim

    I hope I can bring some extra positivity! Our 2 year old has Autism, which is way more than enough to deal with itself. When I took him to the doctor and she said “accomodative esteopia” all I could do was try not to cry. Well, he was crossing his right eye inward and he needed glasses because he is very farsighted. No way is he going to wear these glasses! But he got the Miraflex glasses a week later, and he never took them off! He walked around that whole week with his mouth wide open, because he could finally see! It was like an entire new world opened up to him. Glasses changed his life for the better, and I can barely picture him now without them. He is just himself, and cuter than ever! I am just glad this is one problem we are able to easily fix.

  9. Rebekah Weigle

    Having worn glasses since I was 10 and being completely dependent on them I was more frustrated when I was trying to get my daughter’s eye problems diagnosed and no one was catching it. She also has accommodative esotropia which my husband and I caught at the age of 2. However we took her to eye doctors and first said it was fine. Second said we did not need her checked out without a referral from her doctor. This time we found a screening test at the school and asked them to screen her and they caught it. We were finally at the age of 4 able to get it diagnosed. I am just happy that she will have this corrected and be able to learn to read. I have a niece who also has an issue and was never diagnosed until this year and she is 8. Nothing can be done for her any longer. I am thrilled to get my daughter glasses and I know it will be a struggle to keep them on her but I am committed to it. I want her to be able to see and learn to read without any problems. These are my bigger concerns than that she is wearing glasses. My daughter fortunately right now is super excited about them and will be in them in a week.

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