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One Response to “A Poem In Memory Of My 1st Born Son Gone Too Soon And My Signs From Above”


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  1. Hi, my 33 yr. old son BENNY ( my baby) passed away in his sleep July 15 of this year. He left behind 2 young sons 6 & 7. He was a single father trying his best. Four years ago his best childhood friend age 27 died in his arms at a Walmart. He tried CPR but couldn’t revive him. My son blamed himself for his friends death. He started drinking and doing drugs to heal his pain instead of seeing a therapist.

    It was Heroin he bought off the street that put him in a coma and then death. I am 62 and plan to adopt my grandsons. They had never been to school. I will be 75 when they graduate high school. As a career I cared for newborns, love children. So of course mourning my son I wonder if I am being selfish trying to take on raising them? They should have a father figure, my husband died in 2003. However I know they love being with me, I am active and love them so much. I show them pictures of their daddy when he was a baby and in sports, etc. They give me a purpose and will to go on living.

    Our children are only on loan to us, they are temporarily given to us to hopefully teach them about life experiences even not so happy ones. We all belong to God as he is our Heavenly Father. We never lose any of our loved ones permanently, just when God is ready for us to return to him we have to go. Our spirits which make us who we are wait in Heaven or paradise and continue to learn. You will be greeted by your son when you pass on and he will be perfect. You will continue to be his mother through eternity if you live righteously here on earth. There used to be a book out called Angel Children. It said some souls are born with severe illness, defects and return back to God immediately because they were one of Gods most loyal, faithful and perfect child. So that your son was would not have to suffer long on earth because he was so special he automatically will inherit the kingdom of Heaven with God. Although it is hard to grasp what that means because it’s normal for us to want them here, if you can just hang in there we will all be resurrected with our new perfect bodies and can be families for eternity. Even knowing this myself, the selfish part of me wants my son back for a few conversations, some hugs. But I don’t want him here being unhappy, tormented and on drugs.

    I know without a doubt the birds and the rabbit are signs your son is giving you he’s ok and is happy. Heaven is actually right here close by us. There is a veil that separates us from seeing them but keep watching for the signs. And talk to your son, he can hear and see everything you do. Remember Moses saw and heard God when he gave him the commandments.i had a dragonfly follow me for a whole day at the water park with my grandsons. They said nana daddy is following us. It was my sons favorite water park and I’ve NEVER seen a dragonfly tag along me all day like that. So I hope I have helped you to know there is hope and God does not give us family just for here but for eternity. It is up to us to live good lives here so we can return to him and live foe eternity. God bless you

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