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3 Responses to “A Few Things I Have To Say About The Article ‘8 Reasons Why Raising Twins Is Easier Than Raising Two Kids Of Different Ages.’”


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  1. I don’t know. I’ve had four singletons and then the twins. Other than the very early sleepless days, and some tough transitions right around two, having the twins has not been harder at all.

    My girls nursed like champs and then we went pretty much straight to table food, so feeding has not been much of an issue . . . other than the fact that I nursed all day long for a while.

    Mine still sleep in the same bed and always shared a crib. They may not have always gone to bed at the exact same time, but close.

    Mine always bathed together and we do make them share toys. . . they do pretty well most of the time. All of our other kids have to share as well, why shouldn’t the twins.

    We have a large family, so we don’t need/do a lot of playdates. We have a neighborhood with a bunch of kids and they are all one tribe.

    Praying hard for your daughter! hugs!

  2. Twinpossible

    Thanks for the prayers. They are working, but please don’t stop. The worst part is behind us. I’ll write about what is going on tomorrow.

    WOW, you have some GREAT TWINS! LOL. That is why I never debate to people who have two of different ages with them on which is harder because quite frankly, what really matters are the kids themselves. If you have one high needs, completely impossible singleton child..that can be harder than 3 good kids in some respects. Not financially, but in other ways.

    My boys were both really good. Good sleepers, good eaters, they got along. My twins are not the best sleepers, they like throwing fod more than eating it, they are definitely high-energy wannabe super heroes who never slow down, they don’t nap, they kill eachother, lol. One day I reckon when they are 5 years old playing together and I can go and do the dishes without two someones climbing up my will then be in some small ways easier. It won’t be insane forever. Neither one of them is truly GOOD in the comparison sense against most other 2 yo’s I see. They are very high strung, but They keep me on my toes and I enjoy them immensely.

    My 6yo I used to say was like twins she was so hard. She’s still a tough, tough cookie vs. your average 6 yo. It must be in DH’S genes, ha ha. Love her to death, she’s just go go go and loud loud loud, etc. Very dramatic and diva like. Well, people would say, ‘Guess you’ll never find out’ (the about she’s like twins part). I said, ‘Heck no I won’t.’ HA HA HA. Sometimes I upgrade her now to triplets, but see you just never ever do know.

    I know a woman and her husband who have 5 kids back to back. There is a year between each one. These 5 kids are the most gorgeous, well behaved, insanely sweet and calm children I have ever come across in my life. That is why she keeps having more I joke to her. You know how sometimes kids are different in public than at home? I asked her…she said no they are pretty darn good. So there is no ‘at home secrets hidden in her world.’ WOW, lucky!

    Case in point, I don’t think twins are easier, I don’t think anything is easy in the world of parenting. There are always challenges and struggles, but I will say the singleton or twin set does make A LOT of the difference. Financially once just can’t deny that multiples are harder, but you make it work:)

  3. Stephanie Cinco

    I think my 13 month old twins have been far harder than my two of different ages. (9 and 3). Doing everything twice can be exhausting. Also buying everything for both at once, financially difficult. We haven’t gone on our yearly trip to Disney. I don’t know if we will next year either. I wouldn’t have it any other way but that is my experience. I agree with you.

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