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  1. T

    Neat story. I hope you had the good sense to switch doctors!

  2. danielle

    i am so glad i found this i am going through same thing they said its vanishing twin or never started to develop but the sacs are the exact size of each other at 11weeks

  3. Twinpossible

    Hi Danielle. Did you see a baby inside of the sac or no? My second sac was smaller, but it was at an earlier stage. It can occur at any point in the 1st trimester I was then told the second time I conceived twins. That time though I saw a baby starting quite early, 6+ weeks in both sacs unlike the 1st time. It’s really a bizarre phenomenon. I’m very sorry you had to go through it. I want you to rest assured that this does NOT put your other baby in any peril. My 6 year old is a beautiful, confident, outgoing, and VERY intelligent little lady. Your bun will be just fine.:) Hugs, Shelly

  4. Mommylady

    Hello Daniel and Beanpod,

    I was told that I too had a vanishing twin at about 6-7 weeks gestation. The next two weeks following this information the PA told my husband and I that the other sac had completely disappeared. About two weeks later we went in for an appointment and we saw another sac in a different position that was more round than the one we had seen before. The PA still insisted it was the second sac disentegrating. I’m so confused we had another u/s at 18 weeks and I was told there was only one baby I just can’t shake this nagging feeling that there could be more than one baby.

  5. Twinpossible

    Hiya Mommylady. You know intuition accounts for something. Doctors are far from gods and do not know everything, and sometimes they miss things because they are human to, and they rush from patient to patient, trying to rack in the most money they can. I’m living proof it can happen because I have two babies laying in their cribs right now after being told for certain one was gone. I mean I did have a vanishing twin also myself in a previous pregnancy so that does occur, but it can happen both ways, and this is a PA to? Not the true physician? If your gut feels not at peace with the vanished twin story, go get an elective scan someplace yo see what is up, or at your next scan just tell them to humor you and look around more. One never knows. i wish you all of the best and a healthy happy pregnancy whether 1 baby or two. Congrats!

  6. Mommylady

    Thank you so much Beanpod I am going to wait and see at the next ultrasound. My hubby thinks I may be suffering over the possible loss. I will be happy either way, its just that nagging feeling.

  7. mamma

    i am 7 weeks pregnant, they see 2 sacs..but one is shaped like a tear drop and the other is perfectly circle…. they said either a twin or a hemorrihage or the twin had died, baby A’s heat beat is at 120 and the dr said that is normal for being so early, is it possible for baby 2 to just be slower, my gut is telling me that baby 2 is there. need answers!

  8. Chante

    I love this story! I have had a vanishing twin before. I am so glad one of your babies didn’t die. I’m a little annoyed for you that your doctor is being so weird; but, happy both your babies are alive and well. 🙂 Congragulations! I’m glad you found a way to get back into the doctors office for another untrasound. 🙂

  9. jasonnyc

    hey, my girlfriend just called me and said that the doctor said one of the twins is vanishing. because one of them is big and the other one is small. me and my gf is worried now. we praying that they both would come out healthy

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