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3 Responses to “8 Month Milestones, For Your Baby Or Twins!”


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  1. Gopinath

    Good to know information ! Thank you !!

  2. Bevin

    I have BG twins, they show no interest in holding a bottle yet, is this common for twins?

  3. Twinpossible

    Hi there. They possess they ability I am sure, they just don’t feel like holding it, lol. Some babies are lazy in many ways..NOT delayed. My 7 year old would let me hold her bottle for as long as she used one which was too long. (Sometimes I did.) You have to kind of stop it slowly. Try laying it on their chests so in order to get a good sip they are forced to try and pick it up and bring it to their mouthes. At 10 months they most definitely have that coordination.

    I wouldn’t be worried unless all attempts fail over time and they are not doing other things on a proper time schedule, which I gather they are, they are just maybe ‘chill’ babies. Just like some babies (like me) had the potential to walk earlier my mom said, but I didn’t desire to take my 1st steps until 15 mo. I was an all around easy going, lazy kind of baby. I was in dance at 18 months:). I simply did things at my own pace.

    My 7 year old also didn’t want to feed herself until like 4 and 1/2, lol. She COULD and is very bright indeed, but I admit I did spoil her. My twins fed themselves at less than 1/2 of that, as they are very independant and don’t wish for any help. It all depends on the particular babies and their personalities. Sounds like they are enjoying you feeding them, but I know it’s tough for so long on your wrists, hands, arms, etc. Hang in there and try slowly getting them to try and reach for the bottles on their chest, just out of reach. Eventually, they will realize ” isn’t playing now. I am hungry. Let me try this.”

    Let me know how things go.


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