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  1. Mumtobe

    Shelly, this is a great list for my next 60 posts :). (I have been blogging for 5 months. It’s already hard coming up with ideas. You have over 4 years in it. I can’t imagine :).) I’m from the UK. Come on over and visit sometime.

    I love reading your blog by the way. I don’t have twins, does that matter? I wouldn’t mind them though. My husband and I are trying right now. I’m just dying to be a mum. Then I will have more to post about I reckon. I hope I will have the time.

    Keep the good stuff coming & thanks!

  2. Mumtobe

    I also agree about blog posts and comments. I don’t usually get comments either. My husband checks my numbers though. I get about 50-70 visitors per day. Somebody is reading. I feel good about that or else I am just talking to myself :).

  3. Stella

    Exactly what I needed. Thank-you!

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