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4 Responses to “25 Wks. Falling Apart, SOO Unlucky! RANT!”


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  1. Carrie

    OMG … so please to have found this on the wonderful world wide web! I am 19wks gone today and also have just been diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea … I hope you still monitor any comments you get from the blog as I’d love to know how long you were plagued by this awful rash … thanks, Carrie

  2. Twinpossible

    Oh my, it was NOT Summer, which was a downside, and it lasted awhile. I hate to say the better part of 3 months, but really close to it. It SUCKED:( I did a couple of UV treatments in office. They helped a bit. I refused the steroids though. Too scared. I thought it was the pregnancy rash. It’s so weird because it wasn’t related to pregnancy, but popped up during it for both you and I. How odd. Close in timing to. Use Selsen Blue (SP?) which is like head and shoulders but blue. It helped a bit, plus Aveeno soaks in the evenings. NO bar soaps on the areas. They are drying. It didn’t go up to my neck and face thankfully. I was able to cover it, but it was nasty. I want you to take heart that I was NOT left with one scar..NOTHING. Hang in there and w/b anytime.


    PS- It does NOT always last as long as it did me. It usually appears after a virus or something. I had been sick not long prior. My mom had shingles, so I was so scared I had gotten that from her. GL hun.

  3. Robin

    What is it? I have a rash that looks almost identical to your picture. I have had it for about a month and I’m 15 wks pregnant. My drs have tried three different types of cream and I have an appt with a dermatologist in a few days. It started on my stomach and has spread to my back, breasts, arms, and legs but not my face. If this sounds like what you had what was it, and what did you do to get it to go away???

  4. Ad

    Ahh I was diagnosed today scary I’m 15 weeks it started on my breast and neck behind my ears and now heading down twords my stomach hopefully it goes away soon and fast but they have gotten darker which sucks I’m slightly a littler darker than caramel dr said to come back in 6 weeks to see what we can do for the scares. Fingers crossed. I thought I was the only one going through frustrating things during my pregnancy hopefully things turn out for the better. Thank you

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