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  1. Chantel

    Ok, I know this is an OLD post but I have to ask: were there any negative repercussions to having pityriasis while pregnant? I am 17 weeks along, have had it twice in the past (yes, I am that unlucky!) and oddly enough my husband just developed it. Now, I have noticed a few very familiar bumps on my arm and I’m already starting to freak out about it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Twinpossible

    Oh man…I thought I was a rare bird. That stuff SUCKED!!!!! NO, there were no pregnancy related problems, or problems with my baby because of the Pityriosis except that it was a pain in the arse for awhile, luckily left no scars, and I had since forgotten about it until you brought it up, lol. Congrats on your pregnancy! I really hope that maybe somehow, someway you’ll avoid it and you just have a mild rash that will not turn out to be this yet again. Just because I’d like to see your unlucky streak end, and you fully enjoy your pregnancy! Rest easy if it happens to turn out to be, but still I hope it won’t:). God bless, and feel free to write again any time.


  3. Chantel

    Thanks Shelly! I hope you are right! I find it very odd that I have only two spots on my arm and I REALLY hope they don’t spread. My gp said that it isn’t contagious but seeing as they know so little about this annoying rash I don’t entirely believe him. It seems too strong a coincidence that my dh just had pityriasis. Anyhow, I am using head and shoulders shampoo on my arm twice a day (it helped greatly the last time I had PR) and hoping very much that it will clear up. I’ll keep you posted!! 🙂

  4. Twinpossible

    Thanks honey. It doesn’t seem like they know very much about it, but I’m wishing you all of the best. I used Selsen Blue (sp?), and Aveeno baths. I did do a few UV treatments at the Derm. office because it was sooooo miserable, and I was afraid of using a regular tanning bed while pregnant which I did own. I think it helps, but it’s not cheap. Hang in there and I hope and pray that somehow it isn’t the PR and you can enjoy your pregnancy completely.

    GL Shel

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