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5 Responses to “16 Month Milestones For Babies And Twins!”


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  1. I love this video of the girls playing. I must be extra emotional this morning but it really brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait until my boys are able to interact with each other!

    My oldest son was a streaker. When he was this age and up until at least 2 years old he was always tearing off all of his clothes, including diaper, and running wildly through the house. I used to just take him in the backyard and let ‘im go! He loved it.

  2. i love the idea of your blog. it’s crazy but i don’t follow any blogs with mommas who have had twins. it’s kind of sad. i’ve wished since i was a little girl that twins would be in the cards for me but, sadly, they aren’t. at least genetically they aren’t. i also think about how crazy it would be to feel both of them kicking alllll the time or … hiccups! haha. even my baby girl’s hiccups drove me crazy (she still hiccups all the time, it’s hilarious now that i can put two and two together)

    new follower, of course. can’t wait to go back and read some posts as well as wait for more! they’re too too adorable <3

  3. Twinpossible

    Thank you sweetie. I just gave you a follow back:) Welcome to Twinpossible. I NEVER thought twins would be in the cards for me. In fact my 6 yo started out as a twin, but the twin didn’t make it. It was early on so no heartbeat to see or anything but a sac, but me and my husband were sure it was not meant to be for us. Now we are like..’God why didn’t you do this when we were 5 years younger? HA HA. It is a blessing, but yes a lot of work, and a lot of juggling, but I think no matter what you have in life…singletons, twins, are equally blessed, just to be a mother. You are free to come over to my crazy household and enjoy the chaos absolutely any time you would like:) Thanks so much. They are so different looking, but yet are twins. That makes people very confused. lol.

    As far as the pregnancy. It was INSANE in my belly. Moving like crazy and yes hiccups, very often at the same time in different spots. Really a cool feeling, but I never knew who was who, so I thought it was easier to bond with my singletons in utero. I couldn’t keep track of them, and it hurt towards the end, but it’s all worth it. Looking forward to hearing more from you, and reading you blog. I’d go and comment right now but I’m off to an amusement park (YAY), so tomorrow..I’ll do that:)

    Much love and hugs, Shelly

    PS- ALL moms are welcome here. I do talk about twins of course, but I talk about many topics that just have to do with motherhood, fitness, sex, etc. Good for all women. xoxo

  4. I love the video. I can only imagine what my home would be like if I had two of my older son. I bet they really do keep each other occupied. The closest we have is a cousin 10 months younger and he and my son LOVE each other and could play all day long…of course they fight too!

  5. Twinpossible

    Yeah, it’s chaotic. Just the twins would be easy (to me now anyway). Even my 14 yo and twins would be easy, because he’s not so needy. Not like her. It was bad spacing FOR SURE!!! They keep eachother occupied at times, and bruised and bitten at other times. I’m always on guard. I predict that soon they will end that ‘mean-hurt’ phase, and while they may still fight throughout life, they’ll play a lot better, and my DD can be happy she still has ME, though I had one more child mostly for her own benefit, and two I felt like I did her an injustice, because she’d feel left out with them so close, but in the long run..I think they are all very lucky. I wish I had 2 sisters. Heck, I wish I had one. Thanks for writing.
    xoxo Shelly

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