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10 Responses to “1 Year Ago Today + The Stylish Blogger Award!”


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  1. I found you through the “Not So Moody Monday Blog Hop”.

    I am a new follower on GFC. (Anja M.)

    Hope you will follow me back at This and That

  2. Congratulations on your award!!! I hate spiders with a passion too. I literally get nauseous when I see one, especially inside our home. I share your passion for lobster! We don’t eat it often because we’re out here in CA where lobsters aren’t so tasty but any time we’ve gone back East, I practically eat lobster rolls every single day!

    Thanks for the award!! Totally made my day!!!

  3. Yeah! Congrats to you and hope you have a great shower! I know when I have time to take mine, I enjoy it! lol And thanks for the award!
    CJR @ The mommy Blog

  4. Twinpossible

    You are very welcome babe:) LOVE your blog, and I encourage my readers…GO CHECK HER OUT! She’s a deep, passionate, lovely, and witty lady, with some great (and very often, funny) stories to share!

    My brother used to taunt me so bad. He’d take spiders from outside and purposely put them in my room. He was sooo evil to me! Then he would scare me outside, and take ones right off their webs and chase me, putting them on my head. It was terrible, and certainly didn’t help with my fear. I especially hate those daddy long legs, because those are what we taunted me with mostly. He was sick…even ripping the legs off of them sometimes. (KOO KOO!) Those jumping spiders I can’t stand either. NONE do I like. Even the tiny ones!

    I’d love to move to Florida, but I went there at 8 years old, and saw a massive black widow spider. (EWWWE!) I’ll never forget that. I might be able to handle it just for the weather, but the West coast I hear is amazing. I’d deal with the seafood thing to live in CALI or something.

    As far as the Lobster and seafood. Yeah, the East Coast does have some great seafood. We aren’t going out as much as we did before the twins…naturally. It would cost us more then the dinner to get a sitter up in here, but I do try and get my hands on it at, any time that I can. YUMMY!

    (Ok…my mouth is totally watering right now.)

    My husband is off this week and we are SUPPOSED to go out for a date night tonight…IF it happens. Between my mother in law and brother in law, a once in awhile date night can still be arranged, but I do miss our weekly dates. I feel like I’m missing part of him nowadays, and like we don’t really talk so much, and share as much anymore. We definitely got to get that back, but first I got to find a way to make enough money to get a full array of nanny cams and a background checked sitter. (Or two or three.)

    Many a day do I wish my 14 yo was a girl, and was interested in babies. I know I was at his age, but males…no way! Not happening.

    Much love to you Helene. My time is up for now…lol.

    xoxo Shelly

  5. Twinpossible

    Oh it was goooood! I let the water hit me for as long as possible, because my muscles are so sore. The twins are completely spoiled and demanding me to hold and rock them at every turn. It takes it’s toll on my poor muscles, but the hot water feels just heavenly. Some days I FORGET to shower, lol. Luckily, I’m not one to get the B.O easilly..HA HA! (I do make sure certain areas are cleaned daily though..don’t get me wrong there…lol)

    You are very welcome Cinella, my friend. I hope we can all find a day and time suitable for all of us, to get down and have that chat!!! xoxo

    xoxo Shelly

  6. Thanks for the award!! And my favorite color is pink too. When I was a kid it was blue, I guess I found my inner girly girl late in life.

  7. horay for IRISH!!! lol. i’m an irish girl too!!

  8. First, congrats on the domainoversary!! Yay! I’m moving to WP today so I have a reason to celebrate with you 🙂

    Secondly…congrats on the award – they are so fun to get (and give!) and we never get tired of being appreciated…

    I’m with you on the spider thing, but not the lobster. I’m one of those weird people who isn’t a fan of lobster. We can still be friends, right?

    Thanks for bestowing the award upon me – I’m sending lots of hugs to ya!

  9. Twinpossible

    YAY..congrats Nat! Happy to have you over in the wordpress world. I’ll be sure to track ya down:) Thank for stopping by!
    xoxo Shelly

  10. Thanks for the reminder. Can I say you have such spunk? Your emails and comments just make me smile (yeah I know I say that I lot hence the name Shibley Smiles).

    Thank you so much for the award it just makes my day when someone acknowledges my blog I put so much effort into it and I LOVE it. Just makes it better when others notice it.

    Congrats on your own reward and WOW Twins!

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